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Funny feedback on "I Write Like"

I did a couple of searches on Twitter, Facebook, and Google to find out what results people are getting from I Write Like and collected a few gems:

Everybody loves Dan Brown

“I just spent about 15 minutes messing around with this. Very neat. I then made the unfortunate decision to show it to my girlfriend, who is now angry at me that it said she writes like Dan Brown.” (source)

“Oh my goodness. I write like Dan Brown. Lol, and I pasted a part of my thesis. This is not good, is it?” (source)

“According to the meme that’s going around the interwebs, I write (prose) like Margaret Atwood. I was terrified it would say Dan Brown and I’d have to give up writing!” (source)

Stephen King’s money

“I analyzed the WIP and the New Shiny, and learned that I write like Stephen King. Now if only I could earn like him… laughs” (source)

“I write like Stephen King. Proof: Now if I can sell as many books, then I’ll be happy.” (source)

How robots will steal your job

“LOL! I just did this too. Posted the resignation I gave to my last job and got Isaac Asamov in return after running through a whole bunch of others with different pieces of different fics!” (source)

Science fiction

Apparently my writing is like Isaac Asimov. Interesting I feed in the intro paragraphs of my Med104 A2. Must mean I write fiction. (source)

Important issues

According to , my fiction and non-fiction writing most resembles Kurt Vonnegut. Except when I’m writing about important social issues. Then, consistently, I come across as Douglas Adams. I think I understand why I’m not taken seriously any longer. (source)

The first rule of writing is…

“The first rule is: no-one talks about my writing” (badge: I write like Chuck Palahniuk) “The second rule is… no-one talks about my writing.” (source)

“Kevin Lovelace “Depending on what I feed it, I keep getting Chuck or Margaret Atwood as an answer. chuck more often. Though that would be a HELL of a cover blurb: “Schmidt writes like a combination of Chuck Palahuniuk and Margaret Atwood!” –Neil Gaiman” (source) Got a couple Dan Browns, but other than that I’m in good company. When I use profanity, I get at least a Chuck Palahniuk.” (source)

Literary career

— I Write Like Mark Twain

— So, are you running away to the mighty Mississippi any time soon, Huck?

— Nah! Rumors of my impending literary career are greatly exaggerated!


I blame you

“so…my most recent writing came up as Dan Brown. However, anything that I wrote with Parker Saulli came up with JK Rowling. I blame you, Parker. I BLAME YOU.” (source)

Thanks for all the feedback so far. Keep having fun!