Video Mémoires

The easiest way to keep a video diary on your Mac.

Record your today's diary entry in seconds by clicking on a button. Browse the calendar and watch your previous entries, or use quick search to find your past videos.

One-button recording

Click Record, and the application starts recording video from your webcam. Click Done, and your video is saved. (You can give it a name if you want). That’s it, nothing to learn, nothing to configure — it just works!

Browse or search videos

Your recordings are automatically arranged by date, so you can browse them using the calendar. You can also search your recordings by title: results appear instantly as you type.

Easy backup & export

Video Mémoires saves your video diary using the industry-standard format, and it is automatically backed up if you use Time Machine. You can easily export videos for sending or uploading to YouTube by clicking Entry → Export in the top menu.

Take it with you

Download a free trial version and begin recording your video journal on a Mac right away.

Requires OS X El Capitan (10.11) or newer and a Mac computer with built-in or external camera to record your video diary.

By installing and using the program you agree to End-User License Agreement.