Blogging Robots

Introducing Journalite

We are happy to announce the first beta release of our new product – Journalite! It’s a fresh approach to diary/journaling software on Windows.

When we first released Mémoires, our Mac diary app, back in 2007, we received a lot of requests from Windows users, who liked its simplicity and elegant interface, to make similar program for PC. We still receive such requests in 2014, and now we have the answer!


Journalite is a new app written from scratch using the cutting-edge technologies. Our experience in making diary software led us to re-think a lot of details, and we think we have the easiest to use and very powerful application for writing journals on Windows. (Even though some features we’d like to have are missing, they’ll be added soon).

But it’s just the beginning! We’re releasing the first early beta version today so that you can start writing your diary right now and give us feedback.

Update: we decided to discontinue Journalite. It is no longer available.