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Mémoires 1.0.27 beta released. Future of Mémoires.

New Release

We’ve released a new beta version of Mémoires, our diary app for Mac OS X. Here’s the release notes:

New Features

  • Importing from Journler and MacJournal.
  • “Entry” menu (and shortcuts).
  • Saving of “Check Spelling As You Type” value.

Bug Fixes

  • Failed to save document when quitting and clicking “Save”.
  • Text editor was losing focus when saving.
  • Changes to title were not committed when adding a new entry.

Download it from here, or as usual, use automatic update.


Future of Mémoires

Mémoires is not the only project we do for Mac OS X. Actually, it was born as a side hobby project when making a “bigger” application (not related to journaling at all).

The first beta version of Mémoires had been put on our website at the beginning of August, and we decided to sell it. We even made a page for pre-ordering, but never announced Mémoires (except for to my twitter buddies), because we got back to another project.

Later I though: why not announce Mémoires and let people use this simple application? We’re not going to develop it anymore, so let’s release it for free. And something unexpected happened…

Mémoires had been fireballed and TUAW’ed, got lots of downloads from MacUpdate, VersionTracker, etc., and we received a lot of feedback from users. It seems like people actually need an app like this!

So I stopped writing another project and got back to developing Mémoires to make it even better.

So here we go now, I am fully committed to our journaling application. But we are a tiny software company, we have to make money to support our living, right?

It’s a tough decision, but we’re thinking of making Mémoires a shareware application, which you will be able to purchase for a small fee. This will help us continue developing it. I’ve got a lot of ideas, and you, users, send a lot of interesting feature requests – we don’t want to abandon this little app.

What do you think, guys? Are you OK with this? All we need is your permission.