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Mémoires 1.1.38 Final released

We are happy to announce the availability of Mémoires 1.1 final release. The most requested feature was encryption of journals, so we implemented it.

Release notes


  • Encryption for journals (AES-128).
  • Importer now reports the number of imported journals and entries.
  • Updated Sparkle (updater) framework.
  • Updated crash reporter UI.
  • Fixed crash.


  • Fixed double encryption of journals.
  • Fixed not updating highlighted dates (since 1.1.35).


  • Fixed not removing temporary files in some cases (since 1.1.35).
  • Changed directory for temporary files.
  • Fixed loading journal issue when saving encrypted journals for the first time.


  • Updated localizations.
  • Autofilling of registration values if purchase confirmation email is selected in Mail.

Download Mémoires 1.1.38

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