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Mémoires 2.0 released

We are happy to announce Mémoires 2.0, a new major version of our journaling software!

We listened to you and implemented a lot of your suggestions in this version.

Here’s a list of changes. You can find more information on What’s New page.

  • Show all entries. Your journals are now easier to browse: view all your entries in sidebar by clicking on the button or using new View menu.
  • Automatically save journals. Mémoires will now automatically save your journals every 5 minutes and before closing, so you won’t lose a bit.
  • Change date and time of entries. Entry title now conveniently shows date of entry creation. By clicking on it, you can change the date and time.
  • Better look of search results. Search results now have the same background as normal entries list, and shows shorter date to leave more space for entry title.
  • Check spelling as you type by default. While available in earlier versions, “Check spelling as you type” has been turned off by default. Now it’s on, so you can spot spelling mistakes on the fly.
  • Entries are now created and sorted using correct time.
  • Improved speed of browsing calendar and entries.
  • Added View > Go To Today menu item.
  • New application and document icons.
  • Better look of entry title.
  • Better look of dates with entries in calendar.
  • Improved Help menu.
  • Disable Entry > Remove menu item when there’s no selection.
  • New crash reporter.
  • Hide file extension when encrypting or decrypting file.
  • Fixed rare issue with buttons appearing as pressed.
  • Fixed typos in help.

Users of Mémoires 1.x can purchase an upgrade with 40% discount. If you bought Mémoires 1.x after December 1, 2008, you are eligible for a free upgrade, and we’ll send your new license today (if you didn’t receive it, please use lost key recovery page to get your key).

You can download Mémoires 2.0 from its product page.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new version!