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Mémoires 2.1 released

We are happy to announce the new version of Mémoires, our easy-to-use Mac journaling software!

This version includes automatic link recognition in entry text, new awesome style for date, and bug fixes.

Release notes

  • Added automatic link recognition in entry text (10.5 or later)
  • Fixed not opening last journal on startup.
  • Fixed bug when exporting journal with empty entry titles.
  • Changed font for date in entry view to avoid cropping.
  • Fixed not exporting unsaved changes.
  • Fixed reverting title to “Untitled” when changing entry date.
  • Update help with section on how to change password.


If you already have Mémoires, click Mémories > Check for Updates… to install the new version. If not, download it from Mémoires product page.