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Mémoires 3.1 released

Mémoires 3.1 is a minor update that adds ARC4-64 encryption algorithm to make the program compatible with the version that will soon appear in the Mac App Store.

The initial version that was available in the App Store had no encryption, because we haven’t yet done the paperwork required by US Government. Today we have sent an update to this version that includes ARC4 encryption with 64-bit key, which complies with export restrictions.

The version that is now available from our website has both AES-128 (stronger) and ARC4-64 encryption algorithms.


  • If you bought Mémoires from our website, you will have both algorithms available once you update the program by clicking Mémoires > Check for Updates.
  • If you bought Mémoires from the Mac App Store, you will have ARC4-64 algorithm available once Apple approves the new version.

Update (2010-01-25): The updated version with ARC4-64 encryption has been approved and is available from Mac App Store. Please launch App Store, click “Updates” and update Mémoires.