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Mémoires 4.5 released

We have released a new version of our diary software for Mac, Mémoires 4.5.

Mémoires 4.5 Screenshot

What’s New

  • New look optimized for OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It’s less cluttered and looks great in the new OS X, as well as in the previous versions of Apple’s operating system. (Also, the app now has a new icon!)

  • Improved search. The program now splits queries into words before searching, so it’s now possible to find an entry containing “awesome vegan lunch” by looking for “awesome lunch”, while previous versions required entering the exact phrase.

  • Updates via HTTPS. While automatic updates were already secure by relying on digital signatures, in this version, in addition to signatures, we turned on Transport Layer Security for improved confidentiality.

  • We fixed bugs, such as editor losing focus during saving, slow typing with a lot of text or images, and many other smaller issues.

How to upgrade

This update is free for all users of Mémoires 4.0. You will be asked to upgrade the next time the program checks for updates, or you can do it manually from the program by clicking Mémoires → Check for Updates… in the top menu.

If you don’t have Mémoires installed, please download the program from its product page:

Happy holidays! We hope you’ll enjoy journaling in 2015 with the fresh new Mémoires.

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