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Security update: Video Mémoires 1.1

We have released an important security update for our video diary software for Mac, Video Mémoires 1.1.

This update replaces insecure connections to our servers when checking for update with encrypted secure HTTPS connections, addressing recently disclosed vulnerabilities related to the use of Sparkle framework with insecure connections.

Mac App store version of Video Mémoires is not affected, as it doesn’t use Sparkle framework.

How to upgrade

This update is free for all users of Video Mémoires. You will be asked to upgrade the next time the program checks for updates, however we recommend updating manually by downloading the latest version from our website:

If you purchased Video Mémoires from Mac App Store, you don’t have to do anything.

Note about Mémoires

Mémoires has been switched to secure updating since version 4.5 (released in 2014), so it is not vulnerable. If you use earlier unsupported version, please upgrade to the latest one as soon as possible.

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