How to start a journal

Watch video tutorial on starting a journal on your Mac:


To start your journal on a Mac, download Mémoires. Put the program into Applications folder, then launch it by double-clicking the icon.

Once you start Mémoires, there will be a new Untitled journal created for you ready to accept new journal entries. Press “+” (or click on the title “Click to add entry”) to add a new entry for today and begin writing it. You can also select a date in calendar to write a journal entry for a specific date.

When you finish writing, click File > Save to save your journal. Enter the file name and click Save. (You only need to save and choose file name once, because Mémoires will autosave you journal after you name it). Done!

To add more entries to your newly started journal after you quit the program or reboot your Mac, launch Mémoires and open the journal (the program will show the last opened automatically the next time you launch it).

If you haven’t downloaded Mémoires, our journaling software for Mac OS X, click this button to get it:

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