What’s new in Mémoires 5? Upgrade Now

Mémoires 5 screenshot

Apple Silicon support. Now a Universal app for both Apple Silicon (M1) chips and Intel processors, so that it runs as fast as possible, natively.

Improved performance. We rewrote a lot of code and improved performance of switching between entries and saving journals.

Improved tabs. Turn on the tabbed mode in the app preferences and enjoy multiple journals in a single window.

macOS 12 Monterey support. Fresh new icons for the app and journals, redesigned user interface, and other nits and bits.

Better Touch Bar support. We added a more complete support for Touch Bar: now you can easily create entries and switch between views with it.

Awesome dark mode. It even automatically adapts text and drawings to the right color. And check out the blur effect in the entry title bar.

Color labels for your entries. Group what you write with color labels and then easily browse enteries by label.

Redesigned Quick Drawing. Now featuring eraser, Touch Bar support, and better colors that work well both on white and dark background.

Insert from iPhone or iPad. Use your iPhone or iPad to add photo, draw a sketch or scan a document right into Mémoires on your Mac.

Automatic File Format Conversion

To accomodate for new features, Mémoires 5 has an enhanced file format for journals. Once your journals are opened in Mémoires 5, they are automatically converted to the new version, and cannot be opened in older versions of Mémoires. Please make sure to use the latest version on all computers if you share your journals between them — our license allows you to use the program on as many computers that you own as you like.