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Mémoires 4.5.1 released

We have released an update for our diary software for Mac, Mémoires 4.5.1.

What’s New

  • Added exact searches (surround your whole search query with quote marks to search for the exact phrase). Previous version introduced improved search by splitting quieries into words. Some users wanted the exact search back, so in this release we introduced it back: for example, to search for why me, but not for why not me, type “why me”, including quotes.

  • Fixed black sidebar background in Yosemite if “Reduce transparency” accessibility setting was on.

How to upgrade

This update is free for all users of Mémoires 4. You will be asked to upgrade the next time the program checks for updates, or you can do it manually from the program by clicking Mémoires → Check for Updates… in the top menu.

If you don’t have Mémoires installed, please download the program from its product page:

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